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VGA to SDI converter compeleted

MT-VIKI is high-end kvm switch manufacturers with 14 years of R&D, production and sales experience, through market research, the VGA to SDI signal converter produce.


The following is features, parameters and related knowledge of VGA to SDI signal converter, .


This VGA to SDI converter provice VGA input, and support two roads (SD-SDI / HD-SDI / 3G-SDI) SDI signal output at the same time, support full HD SDI signal input and output, easy to operate, and stability and high reliabilit. Which widely used in all levels of SDI signal television broadcast room and non-compiled areas and security monitoring, training exhibition places and other fields.

The item has the following advantages:

1, the import chip to ensure that the signal lossless and perfect conversion:

Using a new imported main chip, high efficiency and low power consumption, easy to achieve lossless perfect conversion transmission.

2, for the broadcast room 24 hours uninterrupted operating environment, the program from the design to the selection of production processes are particularly emphasis on stability, to meet the 7* 24 hours of uninterrupted operation requirements, is the best choice for broadcost room.

3, with independent audio:

This section is equipped with independent audio interface (DC3.5), the perfect realization of audio and video synchronization transmission.

4, 1080P HD resolution:

VGA to SDI signal converter output resolution up to 1080P.

5, with signal enhancement:

With signal enhancement, perfect signal transmission, transmission rate up to 2.97Mbps.


The diagram connector of VGA to SDI converter: