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KVM switcher how to prevent bit currency virus

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Recently, large-scale information security attacks nearly 100 countries, tens of thousands of computer users suffered extortion. Many domestic institutions have also blackmail the software infection, disk files will be encrypted by virus, encryption using a high-intensity encryption algorithm is difficult to crack, the attacker is often no other way to decrypt the file, only pay High ransom in order to decrypt the recovery document, causing serious losses to the study materials and personal data.


As the only entry for server room management, and the security of KVM switches is often overlooked by many people. With the widespread use of digital KVM switches, that security issues is becoming increasingly important. The bit coins virus brings big great harm, how do we to guard our computer and the server? Let me tell you:


First, to prevent bit currency virus

1, for the computer to install the latest security patches, Microsoft has released patch MS17-010 to repair the attack system vulnerabilities by "Eternal Blue" , as soon as possible to install this security patch. For windows XP, 2003, Microsoft no longer provide security updates machine , You can use the 360 "NSA arsenal immune tool" to detect the existence of loopholes in the system, and shut down the port affected by vulnerability, can avoid the infraction that cause d by blackmail software

2, Close 445, 135, 137, 138, 139 port and network sharing.

3, to strengthen the network security awareness: unknown links do not click, unknown files do not download, unknown mail do not open

4, Move the the important file information to the mobile hard disk, U disk, as soon as possible(in the further), after the backup offline save the disk 

5, If you still use windows xp, windows 2003, please update to window 7/windows 10 or windows 2008/2012/2016 as fast as possible.


Second, security precautions of kvm switch

1. Prohibit using the ordinary KVM devices to connected to different levels of the computer. Please use of certified security KVM device that pass detecting when different levels of computer needs to connect to the same KVM device.

2. Purchasing the secure KVM devices from reliable suppliers to prevent the firmware or hardware of security of KVM devices from being tampered during manufacturing and delivery. MT-VIKI provides a stable, efficient and secure kvm host switcher.

3. Add the use of the detection function of HID protocol output content in the security protection on the computer, alarm the use of HID protocol output data abnormal behavior .