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The new products of MT-VIKI 100m cafe internet KVM extender

As the demand for quality of life continues to improve, the environmental comfort of some consumer locations has also become one of the most demanding consumer requirements. However, the use of extenders for Internet cafes has been very much welcomed and loved. Extensions to Internet cafes can indeed bring many advantages and economic benefits to cybercafes. For example, it is convenient for centralized computer labs to be more quiet, hygienic, etc., MT-VIKI recently also launched a new product for Net Café Extender: (MT-HD100-U).


Similar to most extender, the nature of this extender is that all the hosts are centralized in the equipment room for unified management. The signals of USB2.0 signal, audio and video signal and PC power supply are controlled by the KVM extender via a single network cable Transmitted to the receiver end of the extender, and finally connected to the display monitor and various peripheral products at the receiving end, and switched on and off at the receiving end. Effectively improve the efficiency of network management, let alone say that we have several advantages of this special extension of Internet cafes:

100m USB cafe internet KVM extender -02.png

1, loss prevention, anti-theft

Use our special extender for net cafe, which can effectively solve the problems of anti-theft and loss prevention of net cafe computer and reduce the operating cost of net cafe after the host computer is centrally placed.

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2, increased user space

After the host computer is removed from the user's space, the user space increases.


3, reduce computer noise

Moreover, when the Cybercafé is centrally placed in a separate computer lab, it can significantly reduce computer noise, reduce computer fever, improve the more noisy and hazy images of Internet cafes, and enhance the quality of Internet cafes.


4, HDMI interface shows the signal

Support HDMI interface 2560X1440 @ 60HZ full HD images, supports a variety of display devices, give you high-definition experience


5, can quickly change the Internet cafe, functional partition

After using the Internet Cafe Extender, the correspondence between the host computer and the user console (display, mouse and keyboard, etc.) can be quickly changed by changing the connection of the network cable to facilitate the change of the Internet cafe according to the computer upgrade speed, the preference of the user , Games and games, etc., at any time change the Internet cafe partition, improve network management efficiency.