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HDMI Multi-computer KVM monitor

This MT-VIKIs multi-computer KVMmonitor is a strong recommended office workers artifact. It can take you across the barriers of space, enjoy the fun of computer triple, the achievement of 3 times the efficient work.


This is a monitor that can operate three computers at the same time. It easily links three hosts through three ports and controls multiple computers with a group of mouse buttons. Get rid of the winding wire, let the desktop back to clean, enhance office quality.


For copywriting, work at the same time, Internet access, entertainment, MT-VIKI is your source of inspiration. Normal video port, HDMI interface, high-definition switch, and HDMI signal, audio, USB are used separately.

For designers, the sleek and stylish monitor is your favorite. Ultra-narrow brushed aluminum frame, thin to 15mm, the base can be adjusted 30 °.


For the operator, you can easily switch the host, and supports automatic scanning MT-VIKI multi-computer monitor.