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120m and fiber optical DVI KVM extender

MT-VIKI has been an audio and video manufacturer for 15 years. Not only KVM switches be provided, but also HDMI KVM extensions, DVI KVM extenders, and the recently developed 120-meter DVI KVM extender and fiber-optic DVI KVM extender.


The KVM extender can be used to remotely control the signal source device with a mouse and keyboard. Using this devices, the controller can control the computer that in the remote control room in the office.


This time I would like to introduce the 20KM DVI KVM extender. Its main performance is as follows.


1. Extende HD 1080p DVI signal up to 20KM over single optical fiber cable.

2. Resolution up to 1080p@60Hz

3. Support bandwidth 165MHz

4. ESD Electrostatic protection: 8KV

5. Support for adaptive equalization and signal enhancement

6. Extend keyboard and mouse signal. Can control PC at remote side.

7. Support one transmitter to multiple receiver via router or switcher.

Fiber type extender, MT-VIKI can also provide 20KM HDMI fiber extender, 1KM fiber HDMI extender with splitter. Welcome to inquire to know more products.