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The case of HDMI fiber optical extender used for the Airport

Baiyun Airport's first national “space-time tunnel” was built and opened. This fantastic space-time promenade built on high-tech audio and video processing technology has allowed countless walking and hurrying people to stop and indulge in the magical light and shadow scenes of ancient and modern dreams, as if they were immersed in the environment. Flying Dunhuang, ancient bamboo poles, lanterns, Leonardo da Vinci aircraft, European hot air balloons and gliders, and the Wright Brothers “Flight 1”... These scenes are transformed and presented one by one, making people feel like they have entered space - time tunnel".

The "Time-Space Tunnel" experience area - "Cloud Dreams" consists of 68 projectors and 9 servers. MT-VIKI’s 20km HDMI fiber extender is responsible for connecting these servers, picture fusion devices, projectors and displays. Stable and high-speed 24-hour transmission of these video signals, tempered only in order to bring instant beauty.

 Cases need to solve the problem:

1. "Cloud Dream" is the core experience area of the "Cloud +" space-time tunnel, and the key technology is the extend audio and high-definition video. Although the length of space-time tunnel is 200-meter , the complex audio and video transmission distance between the control center and each display can be up to 20 kilometers.

2. The transmission process must maintain high definition, no delay, and stable propagation.

3, must support 7x24 hours uninterrupted stable and efficient transmission

4, must be perfectly compatible with screen fusion device, projector, central control and other transfer, playback, control and other equipment

MT-VIKIs resolution

Resolve these problem perfect through 20Km HDMI fiber Extender (MT-ED020)


The successful application of the 20-km HDMI fiber optical extender at Baiyun Airport's “space-time tunnel” is the trust of users in the MT-VIKI. We will focus on the future and continue to bring the most advanced products, and provide high-definition audio and video transmission solutions for government agencies.