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The case of Kvm switch use for monitoring of oppo headquarter in Dongguan


OPPO (China) Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 in Dongguan, China. The company successfully launched MP3 and MP4 players in China. In May 2008, it officially launched mobile phone products and is committed to building a world-class brand in the high-quality fashion digital industry.

OPPO is guided by the "user experience", and through manual and automated double inspections, from the appearance to the function, it fully protects the user's ultimate experience.

For this reason, as early as two years ago, OPPO began to introduce robotic arms to assist in the automated detection of assembled products, including audio, camera, GPS, antenna, and functional tests. Through mechanical arm operation, human fatigue can be avoided and the accuracy is now 98%.


Customer use environment

Although the machine has improved work efficiency and accuracy, many test results, analysis, and writing of programs still require manual real-time monitoring to accurately find problems and quickly solve problems through monitoring.

There are 10 automated workshops for the customer, each of which has 30 robot arm consoles (eight mainframes under each console) that need to write oppo mobile phone programs; photo camera inspections; audio testing, etc. for real-time data Results monitoring.


The results were manipulated by the staff through the KVM switch and viewed back and forth to eight computer test data and robot arm operation data.


client requirements:

1, real-time monitoring of the program writes

2. Real-time monitoring of each test result (photograph test, audio test, etc.)

3, must be 7X24 hours of continuous and stable operation (oppo Dongguan two shifts)

4, real-time monitoring of the operating state of the robot arm

5, perfect support for wireless keyboard and mouse

Solutions of MT-VIKI:

MT-VIKI's adopts a stable and mature technology 8-port kvm switcher (MT-0801VK) 300 sets to meet customers' needs and environment.


Case connection diagram



Oppo's success is no accident. It is inseparable from oppo's " the best perfect" brand concept.This concept conveys the OPPO brand's utmost exquisite pursuit and determination to achieve perfection. Not only represents the pursuit of the ultimate, but also represents the pursuit of beauty and art.

MT-VIKI is also relying on 15 years of continuous efforts to innovate to achieve the perfect combination with “artificial intelligence” and help oppo handsets to work diligently to measure various indicators in the most demanding production environments, and witnessed the oppor9 and r11 flagship products together. The quality and proud product sales. Now r15, and even the future oppo flagship, MT-VIKI together witnessed the occurrence of one miracle.


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