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The product training of MT-VIKI new IP kvm switch

Since last year, the sales volume of some kvm products has been relatively impressive. The leading products include KVM switches, four-in-one kvm, IP LCD kvm, matrix switchers, signal extenders and other products.


As for products, we are also constantly exploring and innovating. We also provide relatively systematic training for our employees to achieve a high degree of familiarity with our products and business capabilities. IP remote kvm , we also developed several IP KVM switches, such as 19-inch LCD IP KVM switch, this product is based on the original 17-inch LCD that upgraded to 19-inch, The design of the ultra-narrow frame is close to a full screen, and is more appropriate to the mainstream style of modern display design. For all of our products, MT-VIKI also organized professional technicians to systematically train employees.

This series of products mainly has the following features:

1. 19-inch LCD KVM switch, support for local control / network IP control

2. supports a variety of switching modes: panel switch, OSD menu switch, keyboard hotkey switch, scan mode

3. support cascade

4. the highest resolution support 1280 * 1024, using the original Samsung LCD screen, display delicate, bright

5. support standard USB2.0 device, built-in support for PS keyboard and mouse

6. compatible with a variety of service operating systems: DOS / Windos series, Linux, Unix, Mac OS 8.6/9/10, SUN Solaris 8/9

The most important feature is the ability to install control software to connect remote IPs for access control, and managers can use the Internet to access computers thousands of miles away.