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100m HDMI wireless extender

MT-VIKI launched a new modular KVM switch last month, which put the product on the market and caused great sensation. Less than a month ago, a 100m wireless transmitter has been introduced. What kind of product is this? According to MT-VIKI website, this is an HDMI wireless transmission device. What are the functions?

The 100m HDMI wireless extender is equipped with a transmitter and receiver, and has a wide variety of signal sources, such as computers, game consoles, set-top boxes, DVDs or DVRs any high-definition digital TV, LCD monitor and projector can be used as signals. source. The measured open space can reach 100 meters without hindrance. There are no lengthy signal lines and cables to make the environment more compact and tidy.

Plug and play, wireless infrared transmission, real-time transmission, high-definition resolution is the main advantage of this product. It uses standard Ethernet TCP/IP protocol to transmit high-definition audio and video signals through wireless WiFi signals, making this product more useful and purchaseable. The specific three characteristics are as follows:

1, HD resolution

100 m HDMI wireless extender HD video signal resolution can reach 1920*1080P@60HZ

2, transmission distance of 100 meters

HDMI video and audio signals over wireless WiFi up to 100 meters (unobstructed in open space)

3, support infrared return control

100m HDMI wireless extender supports external remote infrared control for easy remote control.

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