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1km fiber optic HDMI extender for use in a high-speed rail shelter information release system

Case requirement


With the development of science and technology, the popularity of motor trains and high-speed rails, people's travel has also been greatly facilitated and upgraded. Today, with the rapid spread of high-speed rail and motor trains, the surrounding equipment is constantly changing. In order to make it easier for travellers to know the trains, check-in tickets and other information in real time, they need to display the same on different displays in the waiting room.

The video signal of the high-speed rail waiting room is HDMI signal. The video signal source is multiple server hosts. The distance between the display and the host is between 1KM, and there are 15 led display points.


Case to solve the problem:

Due to the extended distance and the excessive spacing of each display point, the transmission through the network cable can not achieve the effect or meet the demand (most of the network cable extenders on the market, the extension distance is between 50-300 meters).

If a commercial fiber extender is used, the price of a fiber extender is about 1500, and the transmission distance is basically 20km. For a distance of 1km, the 20KM fiber extender has higher engineering cost and a wasteful transmission distance.


Product and product advantages in this case

Use of the product:

MT-VIKI's MT-ED07 15 sets. The MT-ED07 is a 1km HDMI extender over fiber with 2 output in receiver.


Product advantages:

1) Adopt HDMI signal transmission, which can transmit audio and video at the same time, and support HD uncompressed 4K*2K 30HZ video transmission.

2) The video picture is clear without delay.

3) As the transmission medium, the optical fiber is convenient in wiring, long in transmission distance, strong in anti-interference ability, and can adapt to various complicated environments.

4) Pure hardware device, plug and play, no need for any debugging.

5) Easy to install and expand.

6) High cost performance.


Connector diagram:


Specification of HDMI fiber extender

Model: MT-ED07

HDMI version: 1.4

HDCP version: 1.4

Data transfer rate: 10.2 Gbps

Fiber type: four core single mode

Support distance: 1 km

The highest resolution: 3840*2160@30Hz

Input Transmitter: 1* HDMI

Input Receiver: 4* Fiber LC Interface

Output Transmitter: 1* HDMI Type A, 4* Fiber LC Interface

Output Receiver: 2* HDMI Type A

Material: aluminum alloy

Receiver size: 102 (length) * 52 (width) * 26 (height) mm

Transmitter size: 102 (length) * 52 (width) * 26 (height) mm

Product weight: 400g

Power supply: DC 5V

Operating / storage temperature: 0 ~ 70 degrees / -40 ~ 85 degrees

Operating humidity: 10~90% RH


Case other application areas

This case can be widely used in the video transmission system of China Railway Tunnel, video transmission system of sports games, multimedia information publishing system of banks, multimedia video teaching of universities, multimedia broadcasting system of building advertisements, multimedia broadcasting system of shopping malls, etc.