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Guangzhou Metro Dispatching Center Distributed matrix KVM extender Application Case

matrix switch KVM (1).jpg

Guangzhou Metro Dispatching Center Distributed Agent Collaboration KVM Application Case

A. the customer status:

1, the machine room has 12 data hosts

2, the control center has 8 DLP big screen, 4 23-inch HDMI display, 4 sets of keyboard and mouse

3. The distance from the computer room to the control center is 150M.

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B, customer needs:

1. The staff member needs to switch the data host of the equipment room on the agent.

2. When viewing the subway operation data, the DLP big screen and the seat display should be switched synchronously to display the same screen.

3. The preview function is implemented on the agent, and the one-click push screen function can be realized.

4. HDMI signal input, HDMI signal output

matrix switch KVM (3).jpgLive DLP big screen

C. the use of products:

1. Model: MT-ED600T, MT-ED600R, MT-NS600

2. Brand: MT-VIKI

3. Product Description: Distributed Agent Collaboration KVM System

matrix switch KVM (1).png

D. the program solution

Install 12pcs MT-ED600T transmitters in the equipment room, and connect 8pcs MT-ED600R receivers to the output box of the DLP big screen, and 4 connected to the four HDMI displays of the seats. The data host is connected to the sender through the HDMI cable, and all the receivers and senders are connected to the MT-NS600 central control switch through the network cable. Realize high-definition vision and display high-definition images on DLP large screens and 23-inch HDMI displays.

Connection architecture description:

matrix switch KVM (4).jpg

On-site installation instructions:

1. Firstly, 12pcs transmitters are installed in the equipment room, and 8pcs receivers are connected to the DLP large screen. The central control switch and the receiver are in one cabinet, and the sender and the host are connected to each other in the form of an underground network cable.

matrix switch KVM (5).jpg

Computer room installation instructions

matrix switch KVM (6).jpg

Install central control and transmitter

2. After the installation is completed, install 4 receivers on the seat.

matrix switch KVM (7).jpgDebugging the receiver on the agent

3. After the debugging is completed, help the customer to set a shortcut key for pushing and pulling the screen, which is convenient for customers to use.

E. easy to expand

As the customer's demand increases, it is only necessary to add the sender and receiver of the MT-ED600, which is simple and easy to implement and saves costs.

F. encountered problems

1.DLP big screen no display

The reason is that DLP big screen does not support VGA output, MT-ED600R supports HDMI and VGA synchronous dual output, and the display is normal after replacing the HDMI cable.

2. The central control switch cannot be accessed on the seat.

Because the IP information is not correctly set, it can be changed to the network segment of the switch, and it is explained with the customer. If you want to connect to the LAN of the customer, you only need to set the same network segment in the background.