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The questions and resolution summary of Quad port HDMI multiviewer

The Quad port hdmi multiviewer is a high-performance four-picture splitter and switcher that can display four high-definition digital signals of hdmi on the same screen, and has multiple split effects, and the output mode can be set.

The Quad port hdmi multiviewer has the following features:

1.    Full-screen mode - one of the channels can be displayed in full screen.

2.    Multiple full screen modes - All the input signals are averaged and displayed in full screen.

3.    Picture-in-picture mode - A picture is the background, and the pictures of other channels are tiled in the form of picture-and-picture.

     However, many users will find some common problems with the four-screen splitter after using them. The following questions are answered:

Q1: FAQs of 4 port multiviewer HDMI switch consulting the correct product power-up sequence?

A: connect the product standard power supply DC12V/2A to the product, then connect the output device to the output port of the product, and finally insert the input device.

Q2: Questions about the 4 in 1 out HDMI multiviewer switch after the product is connected, the product will appear with a flower screen and an abnormal color.

    A: 1. Check the quality of the HDMI cable, directly connect the cable to the input and output device test, and replace the cable quality problem;

     2. Whether the cable is in the effective range, the longest input and output support the HDMI cable 15M range, and the amplified chip cable can go to a longer distance;

     3. Use the correct power-on sequence;

     4. the output device only supports HDMI interface device, DVI interface device will appear no display and flower screen phenomenon, because the default output of hdmi is with audio information, the DVI device does not accept audio information. Users who need a VGA interface display can purchase MT-HV01 (hdmi to vga signal converter) for use;

Q3: Questions about the Four-Screen HDMI Splitter After the product is connected, the product will appear to be dissatisfied with the screen and the super screen phenomenon?

   A: 1. Adjust the computer input resolution and the zoom ratio of the control center of the video card, adjust to the appropriate one;

     2, the customer is connected to the TV can use the remote control to adjust the screen ratio 16:9, 16:10, 4:3, point-to-point output, because the sub-signal source is 16:9, but many TVs may be 16:10 if Mismatching can cause problems with image shifting and scaling.

Q4: What should I do with the HDMI multiviewer truddy phenomenon?

    A: 1. Power off and restart to see if it is normal.

     2. Determine whether the fixed port is still irregular

3.Is the port to check the cable and the internal problems of the product

     4. the single picture is normal, 4 screens and black screen, can be sent back to upgrade

Q5: What are the working modes of the multiviewer?

     A: 1. The product has a full-screen display, which is consistent with the HDMI switch on the market (Figure 1).

Figure 1

     2. one big three small mode, the overall picture can choose any one source is a large picture, the other three small pictures are displayed on the right (Figure 2)

Figure 2

     3. Four-screen split display, the screens of the four signal sources are displayed on a single screen in equal scale, which can be monitored in real time (Figure 3).   

Figure 3

Q6: Which devices can the HDMI multiviewer be used for?

     A: HDMI multiviewer can be used in desktop computers, notebook computers, game consoles, video recorders, cameras, industrial control devices of various systems.

Q7: Can the product work continuously for a long time?

 A: The HDMI multiviewer is positioned as an industrial product when it is designed to support long-term continuous power operation.

Q8: How does the HDMI output screen flash when it is used or flash a few times when it is just connected?

     A: The HDMI output screen flash is generally caused by the unsuitable HDMI signal strength. The possible reasons are as follows:

     1), HDMI cable quality is poor or the wire is too long.

     2), the HDMI cable is connected to the interface is not good.

     3), the compatibility between HDMI devices is not good

Q9: How long does it take to display the screen when the product is connected to the monitor, and how long does it take to switch the screen?

     A: Our HDMI screen splitter takes about 10 seconds to connect to the monitor for the first time. It is very fast within 1S when switching.


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