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Manual 2 port USB DVI KVM Switch with desktop controller

Brand: MT-VIKI

Model: MT-201DL

Product Category: Manual USB KVM switch


This USB DVI KVM switch with portable housing,uses ABS material. Support 1920*1200 resolution. 2 DVI computer control by a set of USB keyboard and mouse, monitor. Port selected via push button and desktop controller.It is very convenient to operate.


  • 1set of USB keyboard, mouse and DVI-D display control 2 or 4 DVI-D computers

  • All in one design, User friendly

  • Super video quality up to 1920*1200

  • Support Microsoft intelli-mouse, Logitech net mouse etc

  • Support DOS, win3X, win95/98/98SE/2000/ME/xp/7/8/10, WinNT, Netware, Unix, Linux

  • Plug and play

  • Support USB2.0, access to any USB devices

  • Computer selector via remote Desk-top controller.


Model No.2 port USB DVI KVM switch
PC port2
Console port1
Controlled PC2
PC connector

DVI-D(24+1) Male

Console connectorDVI-D(24+1) Femal
PC selectedpush button, desktop controller
keyboard EmulationUSB
Mouse EmulationUSB
DVI resolution1920*1200

MT-VIKI is a manufacturer in KVM switch for 14 years. Not only manual DVI KVM switch, but also auto HDMI KVM switchKVM extender, auto VGA KVM switch.

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