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100m USB cafe internet HDMI KVM extender

Brand: MT-VIKI

Model: MT-HU100-U

Product Category: KVM extender


The 100m cafe internet USB KVM extender support HDMI+ USB2.0 composite twisted-pair cable extender includes transmitter and receiver. Fan Song segment HD HDMI audio and video signals and control signals are combined conversion, drive amplification, conversion success  high-speed differential signal transmission, the receiver is completed to receive  high-speed differential signal equalization amplification, control signal separation, level adjustment, And then output through the standard type A HDMI video interface Supports high-speed USB2.0 extension, the transmitter configuration standard USB B type interface to connect the PC, the receiver is equipped with four high-speed USB2.0 ports, USB2.0 port to achieve driverless PC automatic installation identification , With a dedicated composite twisted pair, 2560 * 1440 @ 60Hz up to extend the distance up to 100 meters, a single device to achieve high-definition HDMI + USB2.0 100m extension. Other accessibility features include automatic return of the monitor's EDID, remote analog headphone output, microphone access, remote on / off, reset signal polarityless access output.



  • HDMI + USB2.0 composite twisted-pair cable, the resolution up to 2560*1440@60Hz, USB2.0 speed support 480Mbps.

  • Automatic return of the monitor's EDID

  • Remote analog headphone output, microphone access

  • Remote on / off, reset signal polarityless access output.

  • Receiver Built-in high-speed USB2.0 4-port hub, automatic driver-free installation,

  • HDMI-A output






HDMI input(Type-A female), RJ45 female, USB input(Type-B female), standard PCIEx1 card


HDMI output female, headset output, microphone input(standard 3.5mm), Rj45 female, USB output(4* USB-A female), DC3.5mm power port(DC 12V in)


3W TX, 24W RX(exclusive outside USB devices consumption)


TMD clock up 240MHz, 10.2Gbps

twisted-pair cable

Unshielded CAT5e and above

Resolution and distance

Up to 2560*1440 100m

TMD input

1.2v( point to point)

DDC input

5v( point to point)

Input HD port

Standard HDMI type-A, EDID Straight through

Output HD port

Standard HDMI type-A, EDID Straight through

Video format

Support all of HDMI1.4 and DVI2.0, VGA SVGA, WSGA, XGA, UXGA, WUXGA, UHD

USB port

Support USB high speed, full speed, up to 480Mbps

Headphone port

3.5mm passive analog headphone / microphone access output

Headset output noise rate

More than 75db


0 -40℃( Operation Temperature)  -20 - 60 ℃( storage temperature)

ESD protection

Any outside port: +/- 4KV touch discharge





Panel indication:

①LINK1 port, RJ45 port--use for extend signal

HDMI intput port

③USB-B port, connect to PC




①HDMI-A output port

RJ45 port

USB port

USB port

USB port

Microphone port

headset port

desktop controller port

DC 12v power port

USB port

The PC host power LED indicator

The PV host on/ off button

The PC host reset button

Power LED indication



If any interested in this KVM extender, welcome to contact us. If any product also need, such as HDMI splitter, KVM switch, HDMI extender etc also needed, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • KVM extender, 100m HDMI extender, HDMI extend

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