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20KM USB DVI KVM extender over optical fiber cable

Brand: MT-VIKI

Model: MT-DV020

Product Category: New Products


This DVI KVM extender DVI and keyboard, mouse signal up to 20KM via single optical fiber cable. You can control computer at long distance. This KVM extender support USB keyboard and mouse. Three mode supported, one to one, one to multiple by router or switcher, unlimited extension by switcher. If you only need to extend signal to 120m, our 120m USB DVI KVM extender is enought.

Not only this USB DVI KVM extender provided. MT-VIKI also can offer 20km HDMI fiber extender.


1. Extende HD 1080p DVI signal up to 20KM over single optical fiber cable.

2. Resolution up to 1080p@60Hz

3. Support bandwidth 165MHz

4. ESD Electrostatic protection: 8KV

5. Support for adaptive equalization and signal enhancement

6. Extend keyboard and mouse signal. Can control PC at remote side.

7. Support one transmitter to multiple receiver via router or switcher.

Three connector method:

  • DVI KVM extender, optical fiber DVI extender,
  • DVI KVM extender, optical fiber DVI extender,

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