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8 port video optical transceiver over one fiber

Brand: MT-VIKI

Model: MT-BF108

Product Category: Video transceiver


MT-BF series 8-channel video optical transceiver adopts the most advanced video transmission optical fiber transmission technology in the world, and synchronizes 8 video signals in real-time on single-core optical fiber without distortion and high quality transmission. The 8-channel video optical transceiver adopts uncompressed transmission technology, and the high-quality video effect can meet the needs of users. The plug-and-play design is easy to install, no need for on-site  adjustment, and its optical module and core circuit are imported. The device has high stability and all optical electrical interfaces comply with international standards and are suitable for different working environments. The optical transceiver has a video status indicator to monitor the normal operation of the system.



  • Support multiple high resolution video signals

  • With APC circuit, the output optical power is constant, and the dynamic range is large.

  • Gigabit fiber transmission, large capacity, easy to upgrade

  • Power and other parameter status indicator LEDs monitor system health

  • Advanced adaptive technology that eliminates the need for on-site electrical or optical adjustments

  • Industrial grade design, reliable and flexible equipment

Port introduce:

Optical characteristics:

Transmission wavelength: 1310nm

Transmission distance: 0-20Km

Transmitted optical power: -15~ -10dbm/ -10 ~ -5 dbm/ -5 ~+3dmb (single mode)

Receive sensitivity: -34~ -38dbm

Optical dynamic range: 20 ~ 40d

Maximum chain loss allowed: 18 ~ 38db

Fiber Interface: FC


Video linker: BNC socket

Fiber Optic Connector: FC

Power connector: DC5V power adapter

Environmental requirements:

Ambient temperature: -40 ° C ~ +75 ° C

Storage temperature: -20 ° C ~ +70 ° C

Relative humidity: 0- 95% (no condensation)

Rated supply voltage: AC220V/ 50Hz

MTBF: ≥105 hours



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