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two-way video multiplexer

Brand: MT-VIKI

Model: MT-BV102

Product Category: Video multiplexer


A two-way video multiplexer is a device that simultaneously transmits two channels of vidoe or one channel of video(audio) using one video line or radio frequency line. Its video V1, V2 can transmit distance 0-850m, V1 is a straight-through signal, which can transmit data(audio) is recerse. Note: the length of the intermediate trunk line must not exceed 600m, and the distance from the camera to the transmitter should not exceed 250m.

 Video multiplexer (2).png

Function and application place:

1. Video multiplexing function: This product can realize the function of transmitting 2 channels of video signals or one channel of video data(audio) by one coaxial cable. The main applications are as follows:

Solve the problem of damage to the coaxial cable in the engineering maintenance, re-wiring of the newly added camera etc. This product can solve the complicate construction and high labor cost for the customer without additional wiring.


2. Video anti-interference function: V2(video) can be used as frequency shift type anti-jamming device, which is widely used in elevators, factories and mines, power plants, electrolytic aluminum workshops, roads, light pole monitoring, coal mines, tourist attractions, farms, mountain areas, van and Various place and so on.

Mainly solve various stubborn interference problem.


Note: This product is DC 12V power supply, working current ≤250MA.



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  • video multiplexer, MT-VIKI
  • video multiplexer, MT-VIKI

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