MT-VIKI help one radio management bureau that in Shaoyang realize the seamless integration of computer room management and conference system

2019-12-19 16:08:36


Background introduction:

Before the centralized computer room, it was only used in the management of high-end servers. In recent years, with the continuous development of the Internet, various information needs to be processed by various industries, so many enterprises are equipped with their own independent computer rooms management.


Customer demand:

The 32 servers of one the radio conference system of Shaoyang should be provided to the computer room management at the same time. The daily use of the conference room and the large-screen demonstration are used together by three different systems.

1. At the local end of the equipment room, the management personnel hope to centrally access 16 of them, and support remote access and monitoring. Once problems are found, they can be resolved in time.

2. In the conference room, the screen of the other 16 servers needs to be displayed on the large-screen projection display of the daily conference, and does not affect the operation of the computer room.


Technical challenges:

1, need to support remote access, easy to find and solve problems

2. The distance between the conference operation room and the computer room is up to 100m, how to achieve long-distance transmission, and does not affect the normal operation of daily meetings.



16-port IP KVM switch: MT-1916UL-IP 1pcs

8-port HDMI KVM switcher: MT-0801HK 2 sets

120m HDMI KVM extender: MT-120HK 2 sets


Solution diagram connection:


Product features:

MT-1916UL-IP features:

1. Integrate keyboard, mouse, monitor and switcher into one. Implement single-user control platform to control the functions of multiple hosts, with an IP remote interface to support IP remote monitoring

2. MT-VIKI 16-port LCD screen IP KVM switch supports SUN, IBM, Dell, Inspur, Baode, Shuguang, Lenovo and other original servers and research, EV, cresun, Volkswagen, Vectra, Axis, etc. Industrial computer.

3. Support DOS, Windows9X, NT, Win2000, WinXP, win7, Linux, Novell and other operating systems


MT-0801HK features:

1. support 4KX2K

2. support button switching, hot-key switching

3. compatible with Mac, DOS, Linux, Unix, Windows series and other operating systems


MT-120HK features:

1. Innovative use of adaptive network cable technology, can automatically adjust the length of the network cable from 1 to 120 meters automatically.

2. Lightning protection, anti-static, anti-interference

3. No need to drive, plug and play

4. Real-time transmission, no delay

5. Support HDMI signal and KVM mouse and keyboard signal extension

6. Using cat5e or cat6 twisted pair cable transmission, easy to install