The case of 100m wireless HDMI extender

2020-04-10 18:17:47 admin


With the development of digital information technology and the advent of the information age, micro-movies appear more and more in people's lives as a new form of communication. The fragmentation of information dissemination, the diversification of popular culture, and the perfect integration of film and advertising have further boosted the rapid development of microfilm. The development prospects of microfilms seem to be great, but in the process of the continuous development of microfilms, its potential business dilemma has also attracted people's attention. This article tries to explore some problems and countermeasures of microfilm from the perspective of profit model.


Customer introduction:

A cultural communication company in Guangzhou, mainly engaged in the production of corporate brand image propaganda film; overall package video of conference activities; product promotion video; film and television commercial production; brand microfilm production; personal image film, etc., served by Agricultural Bank of China, Haier, Oppo and other well-known companies.

Customer’s requirements:

As the most important part of the whole video production: video shooting, customers need to preview the effect of each video, including the angle of shooting, light, exposure, focus, etc., then communicate with the photographer, adjust and then Shooting promotional videos that are satisfactory to customers.

Customer Problem:

At present, the customer's practice is to directly connect professional cameras and display devices through the HDMI cable. In the process of communicating with customers, They had the following problem:

1, sometimes shooting may be relatively far, always with the HDMI line running around is very inconvenient

2, HDMI line is often pulled, basically change a few pieces every month

3, many HDMI lines have a long distance, there is no picture (display)


In response to customers' problem, MT-VIKI’s wireless HDMI extender based on Huawei's HiSilicon chip is recommended for customers. The solution supports 1080p, the most important is the wireless HDMI extender, which is free from the cost and complexity of HDMI for hardware connection. Not only can coexist with other Media devices, but also does not occupy the transmission of other network signals, the maximum transmission distance can reach 100 meters.


Product features of this solution:

1, plug and play, wireless infrared transmission, real-time transmission, HD resolution

2, using standard Ethernet TCP / IP protocol, high-definition audio and video signals transmitted through WiFi signals

3, the resolution can reach 1920*1080P@60Hz

4, support external remote infrared control, easy to control remote devices

5, the transmission distance is up to 100 meters

6, support one-to-many mode

Connection diagram: