The High definition 4K HDMI extender over Cat6 cable

2021-02-02 17:35:02 admin

With the technology development, more and more people desire higher definition image vision effect. Many long distance device will compress the image quality, that lead to the low definition picture. But this 4K HDMI extender, it can extend the HDMI signal up to 70m over single Cat6 cable, and with IR return function. You can control the device in remote. The HDMI extender has the capability of excellent image handling and transmitting, and with one HDMI output port on transmitter and two HDMI output on receiver. It can be not only the HDMI extender, but also be a HDMI splitter. This function can be save your cost.


Let us introduce this HDMI extender in detail. First, The HDMI extender with following features:

lLong distance transmission of HDMI audio and video signals by a single CAT6 network cable, up to 70 meters.

lSupport HDMI local output and 2 channels HDMI output at the receiving terminal which can be used HDMI extender.

lResolution up to 4K@60Hz

lSupport IR two-way return transmission

lCompatible with HDCP2.2 standard, high bandwidth digital content protection technology

lBuilt-in ESD electrostatic protection circuit, all-round protection of the system security


If you well know this 4k HDMI exnteder, let us see the interface and connection diagram:

The port introduction:


The Connection diagram:


If you are confused with the IR return function, please refer the below image.


What the usage for this function. For example, if there are a DVD and TV, you extend the DVD signal to long distance by HDMI extender. But if you feel the TV is low sound when you are in the DVD side, you can use the remote to control the volume at the DVD side. And if you want to fast forward the video when you are in the TV side, you also can control this through the IR return function. But you need correctly connect to IR port with corresponding IR cable, and the small IR receiver port should close with the device IR receiver port