The advantage of CAT5 KVM switch

2021-04-21 17:30:16 admin

With the development of Technology, The development of KVM switch technology is changing with each passing day. From the birth of 30 years ago to the present, KVM has evolved from a simple one-control-multiple computer peripherals to remote device management and power management. Globally distributed servers are integrated into one management platform; can use one IP address for management, and use 128-bit SSL protocol encryption for all signals to ensure data security; the latest KVM technology has enabled multiple management terminals to manage tens of thousands of devices at the same time (Server and network equipment). For enterprises such as finance, securities, insurance, etc., which have both centralized large-scale data rooms and many branches, the use of the latest KVM solution can greatly improve the management efficiency of enterprise IT equipment. Through the new generation of KVM solutions, IT engineers can flexibly manage and maintain the company's systems anytime and anywhere.


The CAT5 KVM switch is an improvement on this basis. It uses network cable transmission, and the transmission distance can reach 100 meters. The length of the network cable can be cut according to actual needs, and the wiring is convenient.


The MT-ViKIs KVM switch is a high-performance digital KVM switch that supports up to 32 RJ-45 interface inputs. It can connect 32 servers through CAT5 cables and RJ-45 connectors. The transmission distance can reach 150M. Eliminate the need for KVM extenders. Support multiple hardware platforms and multiple operating systems. Support keyboard hot keys, OSD menu, panel button switching multiple switching methods. The height is 1U, which can be directly installed in a 19-inch standard cabinet.


The LCD CAT5 KVM switch integrates LED screen, ultra-thin keyboard, and Touch Pad touch mouse pad, integrated in a 1U height unit, and the drawer type installation method completely solves the problem of insufficient space. Adopt high-quality A-class 15", 17", 19" TFT LED (no bright spot), built-in switch can directly manage up to 32 servers, use RJ-45 connector and Cat5 cable to connect to the server, and support up to 150 meters. Support 1 Local users and 1 remote users operate different servers at the same time anywhere in the world, supporting the mutual sharing of resources between local channels and digital channels.

Now MT-ViKI can provide a variety of CAT5 KVM switch for customers to choose, 8/16/32 port KVM switch over IP CAT5 cable, 17-inch LED CAT5 KVM switch. Meet the different needs of customers.