MT-ViKI publish new product multi-screen processor

2021-08-19 15:40:57 admin

MT-ViKI continues to develop new high-end products to meet more customer needs. Now, we can provide integrated and card splicing processors to provide customers with a variety of options.

The splicing processor not only includes all the functions of the matrix switcher, but also an expand splicing wall processing system for small splicing processing systems with up to 120 displays or less. Support HDMI ultra-high-definition digital signal; support multiple signal sources on the wall, splicing, roaming, cross-screen, zoom in and zoom out, picture-in-picture, picture-out-picture, picture overlay and other display functions.

Widely used in government agencies, electric power, water conservancy, telecommunications, public security, military, armed police, railways, transportation, mining, energy, steel, enterprises and other commercial display systems for monitoring centers, dispatch centers, command centers, conference rooms, and large screens in exhibition halls Display system; can be connected to large-screen display equipment such as DLP rear projection box, plasma, LCD TV, etc.


Picture of integrated splicing processor:



Picture of plug-in splicing processor:


Need to know more detailed information, MT-DM0404 is intergrated, MT-DM-8800 is card plug-in type, for more detailed information, you can click on the corresponding link for more details