The difference of matrix switch and video wall console

2021-08-31 14:26:20 admin

The video and audio matrix switcher is specially used to switch and distribute the video signal and audio signal (unbalanced stereo audio signal). It can switch multiple signals from the input channel to any one of the output channels, and between the output channels is independent of each other. Some products allow a synchronous control of video and audio. The audio video matrix switcher has the functions of power-off protection, field reverse switching, etc. It has the RS-232 communication interface for online use with the computer, infrared control, and network control; the matrix switcher adopts a new type of LED panel display and light touch button ensures that the status display is more intuitive and reasonable, and the equipment operation is easier.


The video splicing controller is a professional video processing and control device. Its main function is to divide a video signal into multiple display units, output the divided display unit signals to multiple display terminals, and complete the splicing composition with multiple display screens to a complete image, the processing process is completely hardware-based, no computer and start up software are required, which is very simple. Splicing controller is a professional splicing controller for large screens, projections, LCDs and other equipment. At the same time, it supports non-real-time display of desktop images of any number of PCs in the TCP/IP network, and can control multiple channels of real-time video and VGA to UXGA combination display. The video wall composed of processors has high resolution, high reliability, natural and smooth dynamic images, clear and beautiful, low cost, and rich display special effects. It is suitable for high-end fields where UXGA and video are mixed and used such as command, video conference, three-dimensional presentation, surveillance, and advertising. Multiple cascades can form a TV wall of any size. Directly connect to the VGA interface of the monitoring hard disk video recorder, the video conference TV wall terminal, and the WEB video monitoring workstation terminal. It is specially designed for high-demand real-time ultra-high resolution applications.


Both have similar functions, but the video splicing processor is more powerful. Please see the table below for the specific differences between the two.


Matrix and processor function comparison table
Comparison itemsAll-in-one matrix4 channels card matrix switch1 channel one card matrix switchAll in one video wall processorCard video wall processor
Cross switchSupportSupportSupportSupportSupportInput 1 to output 1, input3 to output 3, input 2 to out
one to allSupportSupportSupportSupportSupportSwitch a signal source to the same signal displayed on all screens
Audio transmissionSupportSupportSupportSupportDon't supportAll-in-one matrix is HDMI interface with audio, mixed with 3.5 audio output, all-in-one has only one audio output, card type has no audio
Audio separationDon't supportSupportSupportSupportDon't supportIntegrated matrix HDMI interface with audio, seamless mixing with 3.5mm audio output, integrated type has only one audio output, card type has no audio
Interface typeSingle interfaceMixed interfaceMixed interfaceonly support HDMI interface The output only support HDMI, DVI interfaceHDMI, DVI, VGA, AV, SDI etc
Console typeButton,IR remote controller,RS232,LAN,HDMI Matrix optional WEB controlbutton,IR remote,RS232,Optional LAN or APPButton,IR remote,RS232,LAN,with WEB controllerRS232,WLAN,WEB Save and call,Support Android QRS232,LAN,Support WEB controllerWEB refers to web login, which is different from APP
Splicing displayDon't supportSupportSupportSupportSupport2 screens, 3 screens, or multiple screens, splicing to display a large screen
Window openingDon't supportDon't supportDon't supportSupportSupportWindos means that one screen can display multiple signal sources at a time. The processor has a maximum of 4 windows, and the position and size can be set at will
Roaming Don't supportDon't supportDon't supportSupportSupportRefers to pushing the window to other screens or other positions on the screen
OverlayDon't supportDon't supportDon't supportSupportSupport2 or more layers overlay
IP decodingDon't supportDon't supportDon't supportDon't supportSupportWebcam decoding
Preview echoDon't supportDon't supportDon't supportDon't supportSupportCan you see the display screen of each output port on the software
Redundant power supplyDon't supportDon't supportSupportDon't supportSupportSingle card single channel 1818 and 3636 have

In order to satisfy customers, MT-ViKI can provide a variety of products for both types of products for customers to choose from. For specific information, you can check the categories of our matrix switch and video vall processors for more information