Multi-screen Controller with powerful function

2022-05-07 15:05:16 admin

This Multi-screen processor is very wide application. In many scenarios, such as security and monitoring, advertising displays in various shopping malls, exhibitions, conference rooms of large companies, command centers, multimedia exchanges, etc., many device signal sources need to be used and displayed on multiple screens at the same time. It is necessary to perform various operations on each signal source, so ordinary matrix switch cannot be implemented, nor can a simple splicer. Then using this splicing processor is a good solution.


Here's a brief look at the features of this product:

Ø Base Function

1. Support HDMI high-definition signal input; support HDMI high-definition digital signal output;

2. Support single-port acquisition of 1920x1080@60HZ ultra-high-definition signal; support single-port output of 1920x1080@60HZ ultra-high-definition signal;

3. The maximum number of windows on a single screen is 4, all windows are displayed in real time without dropping frames, and the operation is smooth, without jams or flickering;

4. Built-in FPGA audio de-embedding and switching function, can separate any channel of HDMI audio and switch to 3.5mm audio output interface;

Ø Video splicing processing function

1. Realize the display functions of multiple signal sources on the wall, splicing, roaming, cross-screen, zoom in and zoom out, picture-in-picture, picture-out-of-picture, picture overlay, etc.;

2. It supports roaming, superimposing and zooming all signals in the full screen range, without window position, size, and scale restrictions;

3. Support single-screen four-window split;

4. Support Android system tablet/mobile APP installation; can control various display functions of the signal source on the tablet/mobile; scene save, delete, switch control;

5. Support WEB control, which can be used for computer/mobile phone/tablet to switch scenarios through WEB browser;

6. Scene switching, can preset a variety of scenes in advance, easily realize arbitrary switching of various scenes, support scene rounds, and can customize round round time intervals;

7. Support multi-level user management, each user can set different operation permissions;

Ø Other function

1. Support matrix linkage control, support serial port to control the switch of the large screen;

2. Support secondary development and provide third-party user control protocols and interfaces;

3. Self-adaptive de-interlacing, zooming, OSD technology with independent intellectual property rights, smooth and clear picture;

4. The encryption function can control the time limit of the product.

Use the following picture to briefly understand the display of various function modes


The connection diagram is also easy, just need connect the device and monitor via HDMI cable.


MT-ViKI can provide several splicing processors. If you want to know more specification, you can check the multi-screen controller.