• VGA extender applied for highway electronic screen advertising especially the sincerity and carefulness to customers

    Abstract: VGA extender is a signal transmission system that integrates VGA signal conversion, distribution, drive, receiving and restoration functions. It is designed to meet the requirements of the transmission of high quality VGA video signals in system in network flat panel display and large screen wall display advertising engineering, industrial automation control, medical equipment, security monitoring, multimedia teaching etc system....
  • MT-VIKI’s Distributed Cooperative KVM Application Solution for CFGC

    The matrix KVM switch can be used independently as the receiving end of audio and video, USB2.0, KVM, RS232, infrared and GPIO extenders. In addition, MT-VIKI's multivariate distributed management host can form a matrix KVM switch. Used in many scenarios, including audio and video matrix, TV wall function, support for high-level KVM applications, permission control, infrared, RS232 and GPIO control peripheral device control, etc. Allows you to easily expand and manage your computer. The networking design is easy, allowing mixed wiring of optical fibers and network cables, no matter how far away, it will not increase the delay and loss of picture quality....
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