MT-HD414 4x4 HDMI matrix switch with 4K

4K 4 input 4 output HDMI matrix switch support IR remote switching, panel button switching and RS232 console.

Description of Matrix switch: 

HD matrix switcher is a matrix of switcher devices that switch and distribute HDMI signals, which simultaneously switch multiple video and audio input signals to any one or more output channels. It is a high-performance professional video and audio signal switching device for multiple video signal input and output cross-switching. Video input and output, using international standard terminals.

This 4 in 4 out HDMI matrix switch support 4 HDMI source input to any 4 output. You can control as you will via the IR remote, panel button, or the RS232 port.

The high-definition matrix switcher uses a very high-performance processing chip with a buffer circuit and a signal compensation circuit to make the image signal high-fidelity output more stable and longer-distance transmission. With power-off field protection, LCD display, embedded intelligent control and management software, RS232 communication interface can be used with various control devices.

Product Features:

lSupport 4 HDMI input, 4 HDMI output, input and output can be switched at will

lSupport the highest resolution 4Kx2K@30Hz

lSupport 36 bit deep color display

lSupport 3D video technology

lSupport HD digital audio such as: Dolby, TRUEHD, DTS-HD, Master Audio

lSupport remote control, panel switching, RS232 serial port software mode to switch HDMI output / input signal

lSupport EDID read and write function

lWith save mode, up to 4 groups  scene can be maintained

lPower support DC 5V

Panel introduction:


Connection Diagram:


Product connection steps:

The interface of the matrix is divided into signal input/output interface, HDMI in part is signal input end, HDMI out part is signal output end, please use corresponding cable to connect input and output device, the output of the signal source device (such as DVD player, computer) is connected to the matrix switch input (HDMI IN), and the output of the matrix switch (HDMI OUT) is connected to the input device (such as projector, TV).


4 in 4 out HDMI matrix switch

Input port


Output port


The height of device



480i, 576i, 480p, 576p, 720p ,1080i, 1080p@24/30/50/60/120Hz, 1080P3D@60Hz, 4Kx2K @30Hz

Console port

1* RS-232 IN

Protocol standard

Support HDMI1.4a, EDID management and rewritable

ESD protect

Human body discharge mode: ± 8kV (air gap discharge) ± 4kV (contact discharge)

Port selected

Panel button, RS232, IR remote

Gain adjustment

Adjust the gain for longer distance transmission

Power adapter


Dimension (mm)




Operation Temperature

0 ºC~40 ºC/32 ºF~104 ºF

Storage Temperature

−20 ºC~60 ºC/−4 ºF~140 ºF

Packaging List:

1* HDMI matrix switch 4 in 4 out

1* IR remote

1* 1.5m RS232 cable

1* DC5V 2A power adapter

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