MT-460KL 4 port manual USB KVM switch

A KVM switch 4 ports that can control 4 computer by one set of keyboard and mouse, switch port via button.

4 in 1 out VGA USB KVM switch, you can control two hosts through a set of keyboard and mouse. The interface is selected via the panel buttons. Originally equipped with Four KVM cables, it is more convenient for customers to use and the performance is more stable. The resolution can reach 1920*1440, providing customers with high quality images. Lightweight and compact design for easy placement


  • Resolution up to 1920*1440

  • USB2.0 port, plug and play, you can connect to the KVM switch without shutting down.

  • Support for ultra wide display.

  • The 4-port KVM switch is compact and easy to use with a small pocket design.

  • Support mouse and keyboard of various USB interfaces.

  • No software control is required, and the computer host to be operated is selected by the button.

  • LED indicator showing monitoring status

Connection diagram:


Product Name

Manual 2 in 1 out USB VGA KVM switch




No power needed, support hot-plug

Selected port

Press button

Driver support

No driver needed, plug and play

Protection against interference

Lightning protection, anti-interference



Packaging list:

1* 4 port KVM switch

1* User manual

4* KVM cables