MT-2504 250MHz 4 port VGA splitter

This 250MHz VGA splitter can support 1 in 4 out , and transmit the analog information up to 25m.

The VGA video splitter that distributes one video signal to multiple displays. This 1 in 4 out 250 MHz VGA splitter that can output one VGA source into four VGA displays, 4 displays device will show the same picture. The resolution can also reach 1920*1440. These splitter can greatly reduce the cost, plug and play, simple and convenient.


  • Support resolution 1920*1440

  • Transmitter distance up to 30m

  • Support Wide screen

  • Support bandwidth 250MHz

  • Support Power DC5V

Interface introduce:


Connection diagram:


Video InputInterface1 x HDB-15
Impedance75 Ώ
Max Distance1.8 m
Video OutputInterface4x HDB-15
Impedance75 Ώ
VideoMax. Bandwidth250 MHz
Max. ResolutionsUp to 1920 x 1440
Max DistanceUp to 25 m
EDID SettingsPort 1 by Default
PowerConnector: 1 x DC Jack
Consumption: DC 5V
EnvironmentHumidity0-80% RH, Non-Condensing
Weight0. 5kg
Dimensions(L x W x H)14*8.5*4cm
Carton Lot40pcs
Package Contents1*User Manual, 1*power adapter

Packaging List:

1* VGA splitter 4 port

1* User manual

1* power adapter