MT-2508 8 port 250MHz VGA splitter 1 in 8 port

This 1x8 VGA splitter support bandwidth 250MHz, and can transmit the signal up to 250m.

The VGA video splitter that distributes one video signal to multiple displays. This 1x8 250 MHz VGA splitter that can output one VGA source into eight VGA displays, 8 displays device will show the same picture. The resolution can also reach 1920*1440. These splitter can greatly reduce the cost, plug and play, simple and convenient. 


  • Support resolution 1920*1440

  • Transmitter distance up to 25m

  • Support Wide screen

  • Support bandwidth 250MHz

  • Support Power DC5V

Interface introduction:


Connection diagram:


Video InputInterface1 x HDB-15 
Impedance75 Ώ
Max Distance1.8 m
Video OutputInterface4x HDB-15 
Impedance75 Ώ
VideoMax. Bandwidth250 MHz
Max. ResolutionsUp to 1920 x 1440
Max DistanceUp to 25 m
EDID SettingsPort 1 by Default
PowerConnector: 1 x DC Jack
Consumption: DC 5V 
EnvironmentHumidity0-80% RH, Non-Condensing
Weight0. 65kg
Dimensions(L x W x H)18*9*4cm
Carton Lot20pcs
Package Contents1*User Manual, 1*power adapter

Packaging List:

1* VGA splitter 1x8

1* User manual

1* Power adapter