MT-HK221 Dual monitor HDMI KVM switch support 4K

This KVM switch can connect 2 computer and out 2 monitor, the resolution up to 4K@60Hz

This KVM switch supports a set of keyboard, mouse and video display to control 2 PCs. The HDMI KVM switch support Hot- key, Panel button and auto-scanning to switch port. Can use a set of keyboard, mouse to complete multiple hosts start at the same time.


●2*groups of dual-channel HDMI input, 1 group of dual-channel HDMI output

●Support HDMI2.0/1.4

●HDMI signal up to 4K@60Hz 4:4:4 8-bit

●HDMI interface supports HDCP2.2/2.3/1.4

●HDMI interface supports automatic EQ adjustment

●Support panel button, Hot-key and desktop controller to switch port

●Built-in port selection LED indicator

●DC 5V power input interface

Connection diagram:


Panel port:


Number of computer connections



Switch method

Panel keys, hot keys, external desktop switch





2x USB-B


4x HDMI female


KVM console

2xUSB-A for USB2.0 devices


2x USB-A for keyboard and mouse

2* HDMI female for monitor

1* Mini USB for desktop controller



2 sets of switch buttons


External switch interface


1 key cycle switch


Power supply




Indicator light


2 sets of port selection indicators


HDMI Version

Up to HDMI 2.0



Dual channel up to 4K@60Hz


Scan time


5-199 seconds (default 5 seconds, can be set by hotkey)


Appearance material



Physical dimension


220. 4x80x25.8mm

Packaging content:

1* Dual HDMI KVM switch

1* User manual

1* Desktop controller

2* KVM cables