MT-E200WHM 200m HDMI wireless extender with IR

This 1080P HDMI extender wireless support 200m. That support one to one and one to many. Also the audio separated output.

The 200m HDMI wireless extender MT-E200WHM adopts the standard 802.11AC protocol and transmits high-definition audio and video signals through 5G WiFi, transmit the HDMI signal of DVD, Player and PC etc via WiFi. The device has excellent image processing and transmission capabilities, making signal transmission smoother and more stable.


● Long-distance transmission of HDMI video and audio signals via WiFi, up to 200 meters

● Support one-to-many applications, with up to 4 receivers

● Support one-way IR infrared extension

● Compatible with HDMI1.4, 1.3 standard

● Compliant with HDCP 1.4 standard - high-bandwidth digital content protection technology

● Ability to automatically identify and configure various display modes

● Built-in automatic equalization system

● Plug and play, no need to set up




Connection diagram:


Port introduction:





InterfaceTX1* HDMI input, 1*HDMI output, 1* IR out, 1* Audio input,1* power port
RX1* HDMI output, 1* IR in, 1* Audio output, 1* power port
VideoSignal ProtocolHDCP1.4
Compression formatH.264
Pixel bandwidth10Mpbs
interface bandwidth3.2Gbps
The highest resolution1920*1080@60Hz
The longest HDMI lengthless 5m
WiFiSignal wayDouble
WiFi standard802.11b/g/n/a/ac
RF powerMax dBm
WiFi frequency2.4G, 5.1G, 5.8G
Transmitter distance200m(open area)
Infraredinterface3.5mm audio port
Signal waySingle way
Signal typeBroadband
Input level carrier frequency20k-60k
OtherHousingAluminum alloy
Max consumptionmax 7W
Operation temperature0 to 45 ℃
Operation humidity10% to 80%(non-condense)

Packing list:

1* transmitter

1* receiver

2* power adapter

1* IR in cable

1* IR out cable

1* audio cable

1* user manual