MT-WX03 15m HDMI screencaster support wireless and wired

This Screencaster support 1080P, many to one, and touch return, screen rotation

This HDMI wireless screen projection conference system easily realizes multi-person interactive screen projection, thinking sharing, and multi-directional communication. It is a simple and efficient communication method, reduces communication costs.


  • Support 1 channel 1080P decoding;

  • Built-in LINUX operating system, stable performance, can be used for a long time without shutdown,

  • Support mobile phone screen projection;

  • Customize the standby custom screen;

  • screen rotation;

  • Support copy mode, extended mode screen casting;

  • Supported operating systems: Support Windows 7/8.1/10 32 and 64 bits; MAC OS X 10.10 and above; Support smartphone/tablet wireless projection: Support airplay projection, recommended to use iOS9 and above, OS X 10.10 and above; support mira cast screen casting; support Android APP screen casting (Android 5.0 and above;Touch back, reverse control, start wireless smart conference;)

  • Multiple sending and receiving, one sending and one receiving, mobile phone screen projection, etc. can be included in a module to reflect the connection scheme and introduce a variety of screen projection schemes;

  • The resolution and display ratio of the screen projection process can be modified, and the mobile phone under the same network segment can automatically search for multiple receiver devices and project the screen;

  • Support booting, customization of standby screen, WEB management interface, modification of frequency band and channel, modification of video output resolution, modification of WiFi name and password;

  • Support screen casting QR function;

  • Support AP, wired and wireless network card three screen projection access modes, and these three modes of screen projection can be combined arbitrarily;

  • Support vertical screen display function;

  • Support display automatic full screen setting;

Match Method:


IndicatorThe blue light is always on to indicate the connection is successful, the blue light flashes to indicate that it is not connected, and the red light is in use.
Power supplyNo need
PC connectionThe first time you use Android, you need to manually open the U disk installer
ios also need to enter user login password
Android phoneAndroid phone and tablet scan the QR code to download MT Quickcast aap, connect to the WiFi hotspot of the screencaster, and enter MT Quickcast to start the screencast
iPhone1: The mobile phone is connected to the WiFi of the receiver
2: Turn on the mirroring function of your phone
ReceiverOutput interfaceHDMI
Display windows1 windows
MenuYou can choose whether to display or exit
Same screen/projectionApple playback has sound, Android playback has no sound, only local video output will have sound
AudioApple and Android have sound output
Lock screenDon't support
HDMI interfaceHDMI1.4
Mobile castios、Android
Computer castwin、 Mac
Display windowsSingle windows
Network connectionBuilt-in RJ45 interface supports wired and wireless connection
ApplicationTouch return, extended screen projection, automatic full screen, web page control screen projection, screen rotation, multiple sending and one receiving

Number of simultaneous access sources8 roads

Packing list:

1* screen projector transmitter(HDMI/ USB optional)

1* screen projector receiver

1* power adapter

1* user manual

label: MT-ViKI