MT-HE40 4K@30Hz HDMI Repeater 40m HDMI receiver

HDMI Repeater support resolution up to 4K@30Hz, and 30m distance

This 40m HDMI repeater can transmit 1080P HDMI signal up to 40m, and 4K@30Hz HDMI signal up to 30m.

Note:  The double length should more than 5m, and same length on both sides.


Support 4K*2K@30Hz

Double distance up to 30m

Use IT66311 chip, ensure signal stable.

Connect via 24# HDMI cable.

Connection Diagram:


The HDMI repeater 40m suitable for the short distance, and transmit via HDMI cable. This way can save cost. If your distance more than 40m, the HDMI extender needed. We can offer 50m HDMI extender, 100m HDMI extender and 20km fiber HDMI extender. These product extend HDMI signal via cat5e cable or fiber cable.

Input interface: 1* HDMI

Output interface: 1* HDMI

Resolution: up to 4K*2K@30Hz

Distance: resolution 4K@30Hz, total 30m, 1080P 40m.

Use the Zoplock packing

label: MT-ViKI