MT-WX04 30m Wireless HDMI Screen cast projector

This 4K wireless screen projection conference system easily realizes multi-person interactive screen projection, thinking sharing, multi-directional communication

This 4K wireless screen projection conference system easily realizes multi-person interactive screen projection, thinking sharing, multi-directional communication, a simple and efficient communication method, and reduces communication costs.


(1) Embedded hardware architecture, A7 1.4GHz quad-core CPU, supports 1 channel  or 2 channels 1080P decoding, supports 1 channel of 1080P encoding, built-in LINUX operating system, stable performance, support 7X24 hours of operation;

(2) Supported operating systems: Windows 7/8.1/10 32 and 64-bit; MAC OS X 10.10 and above; Smartphone/tablet wireless projection: Support airplay projection, iOS9 and above, OS X 10.10 and above ; support Mira-cast screen-casting; support Android APP screen-casting (Android 5.0 and above);

(3) Support WIN pure software projection screen, through WINSender application software;

(4) Support Mira-cast screen projection, no need to switch the host WiFi configuration;

(5) Various transmitters (hardware transmitters, AirPlay. miracast, etc.) screen projections can be switched to each other without waiting

(6) The resolution and display ratio of the screen projection process can be modified, and the mobile phone under the same network segment can automatically search for multiple receivers.

(7) 4K high-definition picture quality

(8) Support wireless and wired bridging;

(9) Support booting, customization of standby screen, WEB management interface, modification of frequency band and channel, modification of video output resolution, modification of WiFi name and password;

(10) Support extended desktop projection;

(11) Support screen QR projection function;

(12) Support AP, wired and wireless network card three screen projection access modes, and these three modes of screen projection can be combined arbitrarily;

(13) Support vertical screen display function, support 90°, 270° rotation of the screen;

(14) Support display automatic full screen setting;

(15) AirPlay projection resolution can reach 1080P rotation resolution, support 2-way AirPlay simultaneous projection, and 2-channel resolution can reach 1080P rotation resolution;

Connections & matching:


Product Name

Wireless Cast projector HDMI Extender


USB Transmitter:1080P

HDMI Transmitter:4K@60HZ

Number of Sends

Max.16 roads



Transmission delay

The average delay 100mS

Wireless transfer rate

Up to 867Mbps

Wireless encryption protocol

Support WPA2-PSK

Wireless transmission protocol

Support IEEE 802.11ac/802.11n,WiFi with 20 channels to choose from

Wireless transmission frequency band

Support 2.4GHz or 5GHz,default 5G

Audio output

44.1KHz/16it Stereo, inline audio via HDMI and 3.5mm analog line audio out


Can display equal ratio 4:3/16:9/16:10


Operation:5℃~40℃;Storage: -20℃~60℃


Storage:0-90% RH Non-condensing;Operation:0~90% RH Non-condensing

Power consumption


Output interface


Transmitter distance

30m unobstructed

Projection method


Packing list:

1* Wireless cast HDMI receiver

1* USB/ HDMI transmitter(Both are optional, Noted: HDMI transmitter does not support touch return function)

1* Power adapter

1* User manual

label: MT-ViKI