MT-VT414 4 x4 VGA Matrix switch with IR

This 4 in 4 out VGA matrix switch, the highest resolution up to 2048*1536. And you can switch via the button, or IR, also can through RS232.

The VGA matrix switch is specially used to switch and distribute VGA signals. It can switch multiple signals from the input channel to any channel in the output channel, and the output channels are independent of each other. Simply put, any of the VGA input signals is display to any of the VGA display devices you specify.

VGA matrix switch is mainly used in radio and television engineering, multimedia conference hall, large-screen display engineering, TV teaching, command and control center and other requirements and high-definition occasions. The device can be highly fidelity output, more stable, and transmitted over long distances. It has power-off field protection function. Can save the working state before the device is shut down, embeds intelligent control and management software, provides RS232 remote control system. Or various remote control devices(Such as Crestron, AMX and other control systems) to provide RS232 communication protocol, convenient for user s to develop software according to the actual situation of the project, using metal casing, LED LCD display, the function menu operation, configuration shortcut key, more intuive and easy to use, more humane.


l Support 4 VGA input and 4 VGA output

l Support the highest resolution 2048*1536@60Hz

l With save mode, up to 4 groups of scenes can be saved

l Support power off switching memory protection

l Support switching with RS232, panel button, and IR.

Panel introduction:


Support Signal type


Video bandwidth


Switching time

Up to 200ms

Video resolution


Return Loss

-30dB, 5MHz

Video input and output interface

Standard VGA connector

Video signal level

Minimum 0.5Vp-p/ Max 2.0 Vp-p

Video input and output impedance


Video signal level

HV, TTL level

Synchronous signal input and output  impedance

Into 600Ω, out 70Ω

Rs232 setting

9-pin D-Head

Rs23 interface

9600, 8-bit, 1- stop bit, no parity

Mean time between failures

26000 hours



Power supply



Storage, user temperature  -20 to  50


15% to 85%


Can be installed in a standard cabinet

Packing list:

1* 4 by 4 VGA matrix switch

1* IR remote

1* power adapter

1* user manual

label: MT-ViKI