MT-HD0104 1 in 4 out HDMI Video Wall support 4K

4 Port HDMI Video Wall, support 1 HDMI source input to 4 Screen and 4 screen splice to one big iamge. The highest resolution is 4K

A simple four-screen splicing processor that enables four-screen splicing or single-screen display with one button. It adopts unique embedded hardware design, can accept various image signal source input and is divided and amplified, real-time distortion-free HDMI output.

HDMI image splicing processor can support input screen splicing and picture non-splicing mixed modeand display on different screens, customers can combine them into any splicing scheme to display by cascading mode. It adopts cutting-edge processing technology such as motion detection and compensation calculation,interpolation operation, edge smoothing processing and clutter signal suppression. The screen after splitting has no delay, no tailing phenomenon, natural smoothness and clear picture quality.

Product panel:


power supply



Infrared port

power indicator

mode switch button

Power ON/OFF button

Connection diagram:


Splicer mode:

1.The device splicer mode is divided by the split screen; the screen is divided from the top to the bottom and from left to right (if special order is required).

e.g.: 2x2 mode stitching:

Input upper left quarter of the screen: HDMI 1 output

Input upper right quarter of the screen: HDMI2 output

Input lower left quarter of the screen: HDMI 3 output

Input screen right lower quarter section: HDMI4 output

2.When the splicing output mode display is less than 4 screen outputs, the remaining output port displays the input screen in full screen.

e.g.: 1x2 mode: HDMI 1 split and splice 1 screen, HDMI 2 split and splice 2 screen, HDMI 3 and HDMI4 display full screen.

e.g.: 1x3 mode: HDMI 1 split and splice 1 screen, HDMI 2 split and splice 2 screen, HDMI3 split and splice 3 screen, HDMI 4 display full screen.

Mode 1. 1x1 mode


Mode 2. 1x2 mode


Mode 3. 2x1 mode


Mode 4. 1x3 mode


Mode 5. 3x1 mode


Mode 6. 2x2 mode


Mode 7.  1x4 mode


Mode 8. 4x1 mode


Product features:

●Full hardware architecture, no software setting, plug and play.

●Support audio input and output.

●Support power-off memory function.

●The resolution supports 1280*720P @60Hz\1920* 1080@60Hz\3840*2160@30Hz. When the output device or input device does not support 4K resolution, the product is adjusted to 4K output and the display is black.

●Switching method: remote control ,and panel button switch

●8 splicing modes can be changed at will: 1X1, 1X2, 2X1, 1X3, 3X1, 2X2, 1X4, 4X1, etc. The factory default setting is 2*2 splicing mode.



Output interface 



Support 720p/1080p/4k

Color depth

24bit, 16.77 million colors

Identification method 

Automatic identification

Output interface


Output format 

simultaneous output of digital video and 12S digital audio signals

Output resolution 


Output refresh frequency


Color depth

24bit, 16.77 million colors

Power supply


Display unit

supports 4 display units

Working temperature 0-65

Working humidity: relative humidity less than 95%



Packing content:

1. HDMI video wall controller*1

2. Manual, warranty card and certificate in one*1

3. Power Supply* 1

4. IR remote control