MT-RS104 4 Port RS232 Splitter

4 Port RS232 Splitter 1x4

Products inside unpacking RS232 data ,through the data reorganization at the same time to several ports to send. So the baud rate sent decided by the host send baud. The data is can be  bi-directional. Due to the features of the splitters, the host can send data to the 4/8 ports at the same time. When sending data from the vice host, it can not be sent at the same time. Two vice host up to send data independently is required to have a time interval.


  • Support 1 channel serial male input and 4 serial female port output

  • Full hardware design, support any baud rate and any protocol format

  • Data transmission and reception without any delay

  • Support cascade, the maximum output transmission distance of 25 meters

Connection Diagram:

1. One computer to control 4 RS232 devices

The input port should connect to COM port of computer by the straight-through serial cable

The 4 Output port connect to 4 Devices by the straight-through serial cable


Note: the connection cable must be the straight-through serial cable.


2. As the Multiple Signal Acquisition

The input port connect to the acquisition equipment by the cross serial cable.

The 4 Output port connect to the COM port of computer.


Note: the connection cable must be the cross serial cable.


Package List:

1* RS232 Splitter 1x4

1* DC5V Power Adapter

1* User Manual

Box picture for reference: