MT-HC0808(WF) 8x8 Hybird Card Matrix Switch with Splicing

8x8 Hybird Matrix Switch

This seamless hybrid matrix switch support fast switching, no black screen, no slow over-process. You can insert any signal interface as you like. Such as HDMI, DVI, AV, VGA card, these card support 4 input or 4 output for per card. And the seamless hybrid matrix switch, we can offer the cards with splicing function and without this function. If the card with splicing function, you can choose any adjacent display to combined into one large screen. And this hybrid matrix switch is composed with host and cards.

The operation of splicing function


For example, the signal source 2 is spliced and displayed as shown in the following

figure, that is, full screen splicing.


1. Drag the mouse to select all analog screens

2. Select source 2

3. Click on the "Splicing Display" button


For example, the signal source 2 is spliced and displayed as shown in the following figure, that is performed on the screens of 1.2, 5, and 6, like 2*2 stitching


1. Drag the mouse to select the analog screens 1, 2, 5, and 6.

2. Select source 2

3. Click on the "Splicing Display" button


The host specification of hybrid matrix switch with splicing functions

1. Seamless and instantaneous switching, no black screen, there is no slow over-process;

2. The output resolution is adjustable to adapt to the display screens of many different manufacturers;

3. Support image local detail enlargement and partial display;

4. Each input video can be superimposed and superimposed subtitles. It supports Chinese and English. The subtitles can be still or scrolled, and the background color can be changed. It can also be set as a transparent background. The font can be adjusted in color and size. The serial port software is changed at any time;

5. Can be spliced, compatible with the splicing processor function, support for ordinary TV, LCD display and DLP to achieve large screen splicing function;

6. With the volume controller function, each output audio can adjust the volume independently, provide serial protocol, support computer, central control and other third-party equipment to control the volume, the volume can be digitally displayed on TV, projection and other display devices prompt;

7. Each output channel can independently adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, gain adjustment and compensation adjustment for color temperature;

8. Optional built-in central control module, provide app, support iphone, ipad, Android tablet and mobile phone wireless control, provide design platform, users can change the background image and color of app software, button size, position, appearance can be Free design; iphone, ipad software can be downloaded from the app store through Apple's review, no jailbreak;

9.DVI, VGA, AV, HDMI input cards all have audio input, and the audio can be dissolved into the video of the HDMI output, that is, the HDMI cable at the output can transmit the input video and audio at the same time, when connecting to an HDMI display device such as a TV. , no need to connect another audio cable;

10.DVI, VGA, AV, HDMI output boards all support independent audio output, audio signals can be output simultaneously on HDMI digital interface and 3.5 audio analog interface;

11. HDMI and DVI input with digital equalization adjustment circuit, output with signal pre-emphasis enhancement circuit, so that the signal can be transmitted over a longer distance, the input and output can exceed 20 meters distance;

12. Plug-in structure design, using 4 channels per card design, flexible configuration of input and output signal types and signal channel number, easy to expand, easy to maintain, the host can be compatible with different signals at the same time, can be configured AV, VGA, Different input and output boards such as YPbPr, DVI, HDMI, HD-SDI, optical fiber, network, etc., do not interfere with each other and transmit at the same time;

13. All boards and motherboards adopt German Erni imported professional high-speed connectors, which are connected with non-general gold fingers;

14. Support RS-232, infrared, network port (optional), APP control signal switching function;

15. Integrated all-aluminum brushed panel, blue LCD screen, beautiful and high-grade design;

16. Controlled by Contrex embedded ARM processor, it runs faster and the system is more stable;

17. Support one-click quick query function, easy to view the switching state of the matrix;

18. With power-down memory function with power-off site protection, power-on automatically restores the state before shutdown;

19. Standard rack mounted metal chassis.

20. Adopting the international standard wide-voltage input power supply, the grid voltage fluctuates between 100V-250V, which can ensure stable output, greatly improve the reliability and stability of the system. The maximum power consumption of the 16 series is 55W, 32 series. The maximum power consumption is 100W.

21. Full SMD SMT process with special ESD static protection function;

22. The digital signal uses a point-to-point lossless transmission method to ensure high-fidelity output of the image signal;

23. Telecommunications-grade core digital switching chip with superior anti-interference and all-weather capability;

24. Rack mounting: standard 3-12U;

25. Bandwidth: 10.5Gbps Gain: 0dB

26. Bit clock jitter:<0.15Tbit

27. Rise time:<0.3Tbit (20%--80%)

28. Fall time:<0.3Tbit (20%--80%)

29. Maximum transmission delay: 5nS

30. Switching speed: 200ns (the longest time)

31. Serial control interface: RS-232, 9-pin male D-type interface, baud rate: 9600, data bit 8 bits, stop bit 1, no parity; 2 = RX, 3 = TX, 5 = GND

32. Ethernet control interface (optional): RJ-45 female interface, TCP/IP Server or UDP mode, adaptive 10M or 100M, full duplex;

33. Mean time between failures: (MTBF) 30,000 hours