MT-250FT 50m USB to RJ45 to USB Extender

The USB extender can extend USB signal up to 50m over Ca5e x1, use USB hub at receiver to connect more USB device.

This 50m USB 2.0 extender adapt standard USB2.0 protocol. It breakout the limit of length of USB cable. User can connect the USB port of transmitter to computer, and via a signal lan cable to connect to receiver. This product is popular with Computer field, education and bank securities.

Interface instruction:



1. Connect the “USB IN” of Transmitter to the computer by the AM data cable.

2. Connect the “CAT5e” of transmitter to the “CAT5e” of receiver by Lan cable.

3. Connect the power adapter to the USB extender, and connect the USB devices to “USB OUT” port.

Connection diagram:

1. Support USB2.0 connection diagram:


2. Hub connection diagram(USB1.1 compatible)


Noted: this product only support standard USB2.0, if you want to connect USB1.1 devices, please connect the USB hub.


1. Over one Lan cable to extend the USB signal up to 50m

2. Support USB2.0. The highest speed up to 480Mpbs. Output port can be used with USB HUB, compatible USB1.1

3. Transmission signal is uncompressed, speed can reach standard USB2.0 speed.

4. Support CAT5/ CAT5E and CAT6

5. Support many USB2.0 devices, Such as printer, camera, Hard disk drive, phone etc.

Packaging list:


1 pair USB2.0 extender

1 pcs USB AM-AM data cable

1 pcs user manual

1 pcs power adapter