MT-108AV 8 port AV splitter

A audio video splitter support 1 road audio video input to 8 roads output.

This 8 port audio and video splitter, each output interface is independent amplify output, high isolation, output signals are not distorted, and do not interfere with each other. The 8-way AV distributor is designed with high-quality components and advanced circuit technology; high isolation, the output signals are not distorted and do not interfere with each other. This 1 in 8 out AV audio and video splitter uses an AV cable to connect the signal source and the input port of the splitter; the AV cable connects the output end of the splitter to the display device. High-performance image processing and signal long-distance transmission distortion gain compensation technology; 8-channel AV audio and video distributor adopts digital synchronous recognition processing technology, and the image output is more stable and reliable

Connection diagram



4 port

8 port

Video Input level Resistance

VS 0.8 to 1.0 Vp/ 75Ω

Video Output level Resistance

V S0.8 to 1.4 Vp

Video Support

50Hz to 5.5MHz

Video Input Connector



Video Output Connector



Audio Input level Resistance

2V(RMS)/ 47KΩ

Audio Output level Resistance

2V(RMS)/ 47KΩ

Audio support

10Hz to 20KHz, 0dB

Audio Input Connector



Audio Output Connector



Packaging List:

1* AV Splitter 8 port.

1* User manual

1* DC 5V Power adapter

label: MT-ViKI