MT-HD121 2 way Bi-directional HDMI Switch

This HDMI Switch support 2 in 1 out and 1 in 2 out.

This HDMI switch is a manual HDMI switch with Bidirectional function. It support to switch 2 HDMI input signal source to display one monitor. And you also can split one HDMI input source to two monitors. But the two monitor can not show synchronousely in the two monitor.

The 2 in 1 out/ 1 in 2 out HDMI switch application for security center, Data control center, Information distribution, conference halls, school and corporate training.


Note: Can not show the picture in two monitors at the same time, you must press button to switch which monitor you want to use.



1. 2 roads HDMI signal to 1 HDMI monitor.

2. 1 HDMI signal to 2 HDMI monitors

3. No power

4. Max. Operation current: 15mA

5. Control method: press button

6. 2 LED indicator

7. 3 HDMI port

8. Support 3D, 1080p

9. Input support 5m AWG26 standard cable, output support 5m AWG26 cable.

10. Housing: metal


Port Introduction:




Input DDC signal



Up to 1080P@60Hz

Vertical frequency range

50/60 Hz

Video amplifier bandwidth

340MHz/ 3.4Gpbs

Staggered(50 &60 HZ)

480i, 576i, 1080i


480p, 576p, 720p, 1080p, 2160p


2 years

Operate Temp.

0℃- 70℃

Storage Temp.

-10℃- 80℃

Operate Humidity

 10% to 90% (No condensation)

Storage Humidity

5% to 90% (No condensation)



The color box of this 2x1 Bi-directional HDMI Switch is very smal.

Only include the device in it.