High-density cat 5 KVM Switch for managers

High-density cat 5 KVM Switch for managers

The high-density cat 5 KVM multi-computer switch allows IT managers to access and control up to 32 servers from a single KVM control end, and the unique and powerful design allows managers to easily and easily control and maintain computer rooms and large data centers.

Why is it a high-density cat 5 KVM built for managers? Now,let’s  learn more about MT-9108MS, MT-9116MS, MT-9132MS.



(The picture shows the mt-9116MS front and back physical figures).


The simplest point is: the corresponding models of 8 ports, 16 ports, and 32 ports are MT-9108MS, MT-9116MS, and MT-9132MS . They are configured identically to each other except for the number of devices supported by the number of interfaces. Product performance is not affected by price factors, which can also fully reflect the sincerity of the product to consumers.

That’s it? Of course not. These are not enough to express all the sincerity of the product to the consumer, a detailed count of the goodwill of this high-density KVM switch function, unveiling its simple and atmospheric appearance to explore the hard to hide the inner strength, you will find that …


  1. Intelligent processing chip. Using high-performance processing chip, the operation response speed is faster, and the system is stable and reliable.
  2. 1080P HD quality. Support various resolution modes, up to 1920* 1080@60Hz (backward compatible), enjoy the HIGH-definition audio-visual feast.
  3. Support a local control end and a CAT5 extension control end, OSD menu function.
  4. Support automatic scan mode, server naming, multi-level management permissions, brightness and contrast adjustment, etc.
  5. Fiveswitching methods. No additional software required, OSD menu switching, keyboard hotkey switching, panel switching, remote control switching, local extension control at will.
  6. High safety, safetyto use. KVM is designed according to the technical requirements of information system security, and will not pose a risk of leakage of information security, and can be used with confidence.
  7. Multi-system compatible. Supports various server operating systems, such as: DOS/WINDOWS series, LINUX, UNIX, MAC OS8.6/9/10, SUN SOLARIS8/9.
  8. 100 meters long distance transmission. Support PC module and KVM connection cable distance within 100 meters, within 50 meters of the best effect.
  9. Standard 1U shelf structure. The product height is 1U, standard rack mounted UTP (CAT5/5E/6) cable mounting.





In addition, high-density cat 5 KVM has a wide range of uses: in video surveillance, securities trading, multimedia teaching, bank data centers, computer room management, information command centers and other scenarios, it has always played the role of the most economical ideal solution.

Have you already felt the advantages of high-density cat 5 KVM multi-computer switch in helping enterprises save time, space and cost, etc., appreciate its 1920 * 1080 resolution state, can extend the distance of the server up to 50 ~ 100m, It is also recognized as the most economical and ideal solution created by the control and management of the computer room.

The distance from the computer room to the control center is tens or even hundreds of meters, and the distance between you and the excellent manager is actually only a high-density cat 5 KVM.



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