Different Purpose for KVM Switches

In the era of Internet popularization, audio and video switchers can be updated and expanded rapidly. MT-VIKI‘s research and development of KVM switchers has enabled MT-VIKI to keep up with the pace of the times and constantly adapt to market demand. Today, KVM switchers are widely used in many fields such as Internet cafes, computer rooms, radio and television transmission, and industrial monitoring. Let’s explore the different purpose of a KVM switches.

KVM switch is a high-tech multi-computer switching hardware solution, and it is also a key device for modern server management. It helps users easily access and centrally manage multiple computers through a console consisting of a single keyboard, screen, and mouse.

Desktop KVM

(MT-260KL) VGA KVM Switch 2 in 1 out 1080P with push button

The biggest advantage of the KVM switch is that it can be connected to multiple computer hosts, and only one monitor and a set of mouse and keyboard are needed to realize the control of all computer hosts. For example, there are 2 to 4 computer hosts in your office, and there is a monitor next to the host. If you want to use only one device to switch and control all hosts through mouse or keyboard, the KVM switch can easily switch between 2~4 hosts. Switch freely.

Rack KVM

(MT-1708UL) VGA LCD KVM Console 8 port + 17 inch Monitor

The KVM switching cabinet application scheme is in the computer room management server, because the KVM image quality is good, and the use is simple and convenient, which brings a lot of convenience to the computer room management. LCD KVM switches have been used in the management system of large computer rooms for a long time, and realize the safety management mode of man-machine separation with its powerful functions.

Rack KVM with IP

(MT-1708UL-IP) VGA LCD KVM Console 8 port with IP + 17 inch Monitor

Due to the continuous expansion of data centers and the continuous increase of system servers, remote maintenance and management of the system is also an important issue faced by these large systems. It is impossible for system management and maintenance personnel to be on duty in the computer room 24 hours a day, and machine failures may occur at any time. Therefore, the long-term instability of the system caused by information traffic congestion will cause heavy losses to the enterprise. The LCD KVM switch with IP realizes the remote management and maintenance of the system through the remote keyboard, mouse and monitor, which is an important means to ensure the 24-hour uninterrupted and stable operation of the system. It can reduce the difficulty of computer room construction, layout and management, and improve work efficiency. And eliminate the operation and management system of various personal safety hazards.

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