How HDMI Extender Works?

MT-VIKI’s Signal Extender Series

How do HDMI Extenders help?

The purpose of an HDMI extender is to solve problems caused by signal limitations like long distances so you can get the most out of your entertainment or working devices. It helps the information pass between multiple devices no matter where you are.

This is especially helpful for your home or office automation experience. Most people don’t want to have so many boxes and cables in front of them when they’re trying to enjoy TV or working. No one wants to look at so many cords in front of them.

HDMI extenders allow you to set up your entire home or office automation system in a closet or out of the way space. This eliminates the worry of poor experience with longer cables or other issues.

MT-EDW100 HDMI Wireless Extender 100m(328ft)

Why use a long enough range extender?

HDMI extenders are used for extending the distance between your TV and any HDMI-compatible device. If you look at the back of your television, you will likely see a port that looks similar to a USB port. This is where your HDMI cable connects to Blu-ray DVD, satellite receivers, or any other device that you may need.

The extender boosts the digital signal from the source to your television. Most often, when we are using something connecting directly underneath the TV, the cable may only be a few feet long. The extender allows you to span long distances and not lose quality.

MT-ED05 HDMI Extender over Ethernet 60m(196ft)

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