How big is the “pattern” of digital KVM?

How big is the “pattern” of digital KVM


In recent years, with the development of The growth rate of the Internet, the construction of data center cabinets has shown explosive growth, and relevant data show that the number of data center cabinets is expected to reach 6.7 million in 2022, which is a huge number for digital KVM and a blue market.

KVM switches play an important role in data centers, cabinet construction, security monitoring, government and enterprise engineering scenarios, among which digital KVM is a KVM with a relatively “pattern”.


How big the pattern is, how big the KVM stage is. Digital KVM is an enterprise-class digital server centralized control and management device with high integration and high security, combining analog switching and the industry’s most efficient remote access technology.

Whether in rack-local or remote locations, digital KVM provides BIOS-level control and management of multiple servers and other devices over TCP/IP networks.

Ever feel like it sounds great, but you don’t know how powerful it is? With all kinds of doubts, let’s take a specific look at how big the “pattern” of digital KVM is.


Pattern one

The product is mature and has a wide user base. For example, Maxtor Moment Digital KVM Switch is equipped with the current superior performance of chip technology, coupled with mature and stable supporting technology. It has been widely used in data centers, cabinet construction, security monitoring, government and enterprise engineering and other scenarios and has received unanimous praise.

Pattern two

Expanding the space of the computer room and optimizing the configuration of the computer room has a very high return on investment value. KVM switches can monitor and control multiple computers and servers locally or remotely, and the KVM console, consisting of a keyboard, mouse and display, is the most convenient and economical solution.

Pattern three

The network remotely manages, controls the PC or server, and has the ability to control the center remotely. To truly liberate administrators from traditional and complicated work, machine room management is no longer a headache and disorganized, impossible to start, but a simple and pleasant job.

Pattern four

With the help of the network, connecting cables is simplified and system maintenance is easier. A set of keyboard and mouse displays can control dozens or even hundreds of hosts, through the TCP/IP network to control and manage multiple hosts and servers, to achieve the operation mode of separation of man and machine, convenient for administrators to deal with the problem of the computer room in a timely and convenient manner.

Pattern five

Support cascading and simple capacity expansion. Digital KVM devices can be cascaded and expandable to hundreds of connection ports (the number of interfaces varies depending on the model) to meet the needs of various types of machine rooms.


These “patterns” of digital KVM are the experiences summarized by users in specific use. Of course, the advantages of digital KVM are far more than this, it is like a budding violet, loyally sticking to the post, more digital KVM “pattern” looks forward to your further exploration.


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