19 inch 8 port VGA LCD KVM Switch + Monitor

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In order to meet more customer’s requests, MT-VIKI developed the 8 port 19 inch LCD VGA KVM switch. That supports standard 1U, 19-inch. The draw structure can save 85% space of the cabinet. That supports SUM, IBM, HP, DELL, Lenovo, etc server, The system support DOS, Windows9x, NT, WinXP, Win7, Linux, and Novell.

MT-1908UL is a 8 port Screen KVM Switch. The KVM is the abbreviation of Keyboard, Video, Mouse, which is an intelligent switching control platform integrating keyboard, mouse and display. The KVM host switching system connects multiple hosts together with a single or several KVMs, enabling a single user to use a single control platform (a set of keyboards, mice, monitors) to control multiple PC hosts. This series of KVM control platform features high efficiency, easy to use, easy to manage, cost-saving, remote management, environmental protection and energy saving. Its height is 1U, conforming to the 19″ rack structure, saving more than 85% of the cabinet space. This series of KVM control platform supports SUN, IBM, HP, DELL, Baode, Inspur, Dawn, Lenovo and other original servers and various industrial computers such as Advantech, EVOC, CRESUN, Volkswagen, Vectra, Aixun, etc., support DOS, Windows9x , NT, Win2000, WinXP, Win7, LINX, NOVELL and other operating systems.
  • Integrate 19 inch display/mouse/keyboard/smart KVM switch
  • The resolution of product display up to 1280*1024
  • Support password protect and look up the server name
  • Adjust LCD display function, guide with auto-locked device
  • Support full DDC2B,can detect the model of display without switching PC
  • Support double interface- The server of PS/2 or USB keyboard or mouse input use simultaneously
  • Withdrawing design, adjust the length to suit for cabinets.
  • Support cascade, most control 56 PCs
  • Don’t need external software, port selected by hot-key, OSD menu and push button
  • 102 key keyboard and touchpad sliding mouse
  • System supported: Dos/ Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS8.6/9/10, SUN Solaris 8/9


Support and Downloads

MT-1908UL User Manual.pdf