HDMI Extender over Fiber Optic Cable 300m 4K 30Hz(Kit)

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  • This MT-VIKI 4K 30Hz HDMI extender  allows you transmit high-resolution video and audio simultaneously up to 300m via fiber optic cable.
  • This product is sold and used as a kit consisting of a transmitter and a receiver.
  • Built-in EDID learning function, able to adapt to the resolution of the display, and then output after adjusting the signal resolution.
  • Plug and play after connecting to the DC 5V power supply.
4K HDMI Extender over Fiber Optic Cable 300m, MT-VIKI ED03-C This fiber optic extender is the latest version of all extender series products. Features:
  • [4K resolution] Realize high-definition signal conversion and transmission, support 4K@30Hz. Represents a good color space, so that the details of the picture quality come to life.
  • [Stable transmission] 300 meters distance, breaks the transmission distance limit.
  • [Support resolution adjustment] There is a mode switch on the body to adjust the resolution conveniently.
  • [Electrostatic protection shell] 8KV ESD electrostatic protection, increase anti-interference ability and signal stability. The shell is made of aluminum shell, which is light, strong and fast in heat dissipation.
  • [Plug and play] No need to install software drivers.