HDMI KVM Switch 8 in 1 out with IR remote control

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  • Support any USB2.0 devices
  • EDID save switching, to ensure the best resolution
  • Support supper wide screen
  • Support Microsoft smart keyboard, mouse and Logitech keyboard and mouse.
  • Support: DOS , Win7/ 8/ 10, Win3, Win95/ 98/ 98SE, Win2000/ ME/ XP, WinNT, Netware, Unix, Linux, MAC compatible.
  • Support 3840*2160/ 30Hz resolution
  • Switching method: IR remote switching, Panel switching, desktop controller
  • Support Plug and Play
  • Application for DVD, Service, Mini Mac, Online games.
  • Housing: metal

MT-ViKI HDMI KVM Switch 8 in 1 out 4K 30Hz, MT-801HK-C

This 8 port HDMI KVM switch can help you save the time, cost, equipment and consumption. It can control 8 PCs via a set of keyboard, mouse and monitor. No software needed. The resolution up to 3840*2160@ 30Hz. Port selected support press button, desktop controller and IR remote.


  • Support USB2.0 for any device
  • EDID storage switch, make sure the best transmission
  • Support super widescreen display
  • Support Microsoft smart mouse Logitech network mouse
  • Support DOS, Win7/8/10, Win3, Win95/98/98SE, Win2000/ME/XP, WinNT, Netware, Unix, Linux, compatible with Mac OS
  • Excellent image quality, resolution up to 3840*2160/30Hz
  • Switching mode: IR remote, panel switch and desktop controller
  • Under normal operation of the computer, no need to turn off KVM switch and computer to plug or unplug the connected computer
  • Used for online games, hard disk video recorder, computer room server, Mini MAC
  • Housing material: Metal


Support and Downloads

MT-801HK-C User Manual.pdf