HDMI Matrix Switcher 8×8 1080P 60Hz

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  • Support resolution is 1080P@60Hz
  • Support 36bit dark display
  • Support 3D video technology
  • Support high-definition digital audio such as Dolby, TrueHD, DTS-HD, Master, Audio
  • Support EDID read and write the function
  • With power-off memory function
  • With save mode, you can save up to 4 groups of scenes
  • Front panel LCD display input and output status
  • Support button, remote control, RS232 serial port switching
  • This product has passed CCC and CE certifications.
MT-HD8x8 HD matrix switcher is a matrix of switcher devices that switch and distribute HDMI signals, which simultaneously switch multiple video and audio input signals to any one or more output channels. It is a high-performance professional video and audio signal switching device for multiple video signal input and output cross-switching. Video input and output, using international standard terminals. The 8 in 8 out HDMI matrix switcher uses a very high-performance processing chip with a buffer circuit and a signal compensation circuit to make the image signal high-fidelity output more stable and longer-distance transmission. With power-off field protection, LCD display, embedded intelligent control and management software, RS232 communication interface can be used with various control devices.
  • Support 8 HDMI input, 8 HDMI output, input and output can be switched at will
  • Support the highest resolution 1080P@60Hz
  • Support 36 bit deep color display
  • Support 3D video technology
  • Support HD digital audio such as: Dolby, TRUEHD, DTS-HD, Master Audio
  • Support remote control, panel switching, RS232 serial port software mode to switch HDMI output /input signal
  • Support EDID read and write function
  • With save mode, up to 8 groups scene can be maintained.
  • Power support DC 5V


Support and Downloads

MT-HD8x8 User Manual.pdf