HDMI Multi-viewer 4×1 with IR remote control

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  • This HDMI multi-viewer 2×2(4 in 1 out), which can display 4 HD video signals on the same screen at the same time. It can achieve fast switching without cracking the screen (input signal is 1080@60Hz and below)
  • Support HDMI2.0 format output (4:4:4, 18G bandwidth)
  • When the 4 input signals are 1080@60Hz signals, the point-to-point effect can be realized, and the true point-to-point frame-to-frame lossless display can be achieved.
  • Supports audio switching, which can switch the sound of any input signal. At the same time, the output port supports audio de-embedding, which is convenient for users to access professional audio systems.
  • Support a variety of control methods: panel buttons, IR remote control

MT-VIKI SW041-B HDMI Multi-Viewer 4×1(4 in 1 out) 1080P

This is a high-performance 1080P 4×1 HDMI Multi-viewer with fast switching switcher, which can display 4 channels of ultra-high-definition video signals on the same screen at the same time.


  • Input 4 x HDMI & Output 1 x HDMI
  • Support multiple working modes
  • Support up to 4K input and 4K@60Hz output
  • Support controlled by pannel button, IR and RS232 equipments
  • Support the audio switching
  • Support the 3.5mm audio de-embedded
  • Power supply: DC 12V 1.5A
  • Dimensions: 223*27*97mm


1 x MT-SW041-B Moduel 1 x DC12V power supply 1 x IR remote control 1 x User Manual  

Support and Downloads

MT-SW041-B User Manual.pdf